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Learning with Microsoft - COSA Elite Bundle



Here is a list of the items in the bundle:

Crafting a Collaborative Learning Environment with Class Teams - 1.5 hrs

This webinar will provide educators with an understanding of how to use Microsoft Class Teams to collaborate with students seamlessly integrating assignments, assessments, and applications directly into the Team.


Digital Environments that Encourage Academic Feedback - 1.5 hrs

Research shows that inclusive, student-centered classrooms lead to overall learner success, and technology can help. Microsoft Teams can provide teachers a seamless platform that not only streamlines teacher workflow, but also makes it possible to create a space for robust engagement with students.


Effectively Communicating with Students in a Class Team - 1.5 hrs

This webinar will walk classroom educators through multiple methods to effectively communicate with students through a Microsoft Class Team. Participants will see the variety of methods available to meet all learning styles and learn best practices for ensuring effective communication through Microsoft Teams.


Empowering Student Engagement with Flipgrid and Teams - 1.5 hrs

Flipgrid is a video discussion platform that helps educators see and hear from every student in class and can foster a fun and supportive social learning environment. Participants will discover ways to use Flipgrid within their learning communities no matter what grade level or subject area.


What Does Collaborative Work Look Like with Students in Teams - 1.5 hrs

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub for users of all ages. It provides a space for all of the information you communicate with students all in one place. All of your conversations, media, content, apps and assignments live in Teams.

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