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Introduction to Coding for Secondary Education

This micro-learning course is designed to provide educators in the United States Virgin Islands with the necessary skills and knowledge to teach coding concepts to secondary education students. Over two modules, participants will gain an understanding of basic coding concepts, learn how to write and debug code, explore the use of libraries and frameworks, work with data structures and algorithms, and develop and deploy coding projects. By the end of the course, educators will be equipped to inspire and guide students in their coding journey.

Here is the course outline:

Introduction to Futuristic Coding

Dive into the exciting world of coding by learning the basic concepts and principles. Understand the importance of coding in the future digital world, get familiar with different programming languages, and start writing your first lines of code.

Mastering Futuristic Coding: From Development to Deployment

Build on your knowledge from module one by learning how to use libraries and frameworks, working with data structures and algorithms, and understanding the project development process. By the end of this module, you'll be able to develop and deploy your own coding project.

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