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Digital Field Trips

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Here is the course outline:

Session 1: Synchronous LIVE Call (90 mins)

In this engaging session, participants will delve into the diverse realm of virtual field trips, exploring various types and immersing themselves in a spectrum of examples. Discover the versatility of virtual experiences and gain insights into how these educational adventures can enrich learning. From interactive maps to immersive simulations, Session 1 sets the stage for a journey through the vast possibilities that virtual field trips offer.

Session 2: Self-Paced Learning (3-hrs)

In this self-paced session, participants will complete a virtual field trip as a student, providing an immersive experience into what they are being asked to design themselves. They will further explore resources available to help them plan, and then begin mapping out their own virtual field trips by beginning with the standards they will be teaching and researching existing field trip resources.

Session 3: Synchronous LIVE Call (90 mins)

In this session, we’ll be revisiting and applying the concepts for planning a virtual field trip. We’ll review the step-by-step process that caters to your students’ needs, meets educational standards, and incorporates engaging and creative activities. This will be an opportunity to reinforce and apply what you’ve already learned.

Part 4: Self-Paced Learning (3-hrs)

In the final session, participants will apply the knowledge and skills acquired from previous sessions to create their own virtual field trips. The purpose is to evaluate the final lesson and ensure the delivery of an engaging and educational virtual experience for students.

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