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Video & Multimedia

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Here is the course outline:

Session 1: Live Call

Welcome to Video and Multimedia Creation

Session 2: Self-Paced Learning

In this engaging session, participants will explore multimedia integration in the classroom. Diving into the 'why' behind using video and multimedia, reflecting on teaching strategies, and discovering innovative methods to seamlessly integrate video production into their lessons.

Session 3: Live Call

In this session, we will review the work completed in Session 2 Self-Paced and begin to work on creating a lesson plan that includes a video and multimedia creation.

Session 4: Self-Paced Learning

In this final course session, participants will look at tools to assist in the video creation, AI tools to assist in lesson plan writing, and ways to level up engagement when creating videos. Finally, participants will review what a great lesson plans entails and write their own incorporating a video.

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