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Building Your Personal Learning Network (PLN) - 3hr

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This self-paced course guides you through the process of building your very own PLN.

Education as a profession is constantly evolving and learning is pivotal to ensuring we, as educators, are providing students with the best educational experience possible. With budget restrictions and time always seeming to be in short supply, it is often a challenge for educators to participate in formalized professional learning. Constructing a personal learning network (PLN) is essential to growing and maintaining one's passion for teaching. PLN's are a great avenue for having access to a constant supply of resources, the ability to participate in riveting discussions with like-minded peers and exploring ways to successfully integrate technology. This self-paced course guides you through the process of building your very own PLN.

Here is the course outline:

Welcome & Introduction

This self-paced course guides you through the process of building your PLN.

What is a PLN?

This module explores what a personal learning network (PLN) is, and how it can be used to grow your network and connect with other educators. You will see examples of how educators use their PLN as a tool, as well as the elements and characteristics that comprise a PLN.

Becoming a Connected Educator

This module covers tips and strategies for developing the skills to become a connected educator. Building a PLN takes time, energy, and intent - but it is a skill that will benefit you and the students you serve. We will explore common barriers to building a PLN, and how you can use different methods and approaches to overcome these obstacles.

Using Twitter to Grow Your PLN

This module explores how Twitter is an avenue for connecting globally with other educators and growing your Personal Learning Network (PLN). Understanding how Twitter is used by educators in today's world can make a lasting impact on one's professional practice. These impacts often become embedded in our lesson plans and shape the learning experiences that motivate our students.

Share Experiences Through Blogging

This module explores the idea of how blogs can be a viable option for growing professional. Incorporating blog posts into your PLN does not just mean authoring blog posts. It involves reading, commenting, and promoting blog posts shared by others educators as well. Nowadays, blog posts are even taking on a new approach of incorporating video, called vlogging. Blog posts are an essential component of an educator's PLN.

Grow Your PLN with Content Curation

This module explores benefits for curating your own content, as well as processes and digital tools to help make curating content easier for you. Content curation is a way for you to add a personal touch when sharing information about your topic and is a great way to increase your brand awareness. The content you create assist you in establishing your personal brand.

Making Time for Your PLN

This module explores advice to consider when building your PLN and becoming a connected educator. A barrier to developing a PLN is not knowing the possibilities of what is out there on the web. Explore your interests, take time to understand your goals, and don't be afraid to try new things!

Final Reflection & Connection

This module concludes the course and provides information on next steps.

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